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Solar water heating

Solar water heating systems use panels or tubes, called solar collectors. There are two principal types of solar collectors: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors, which are embedded into the roof or fixed to the tile surface.

The solar collectors convert the infrared portion of visible light into heat, this heats the liquid in the system. They are filled with a mix of water and glycol. This fluid is pumped round a circuit, which passes through the hot water cylinder.

Most solar hot water systems are just designed to provide the hot water you use for bathing, showering, and hot taps. They don’t usually have the ability to provide additional heating unless you add an immersion heater.

Solwat Solar Thermal Panels
Solwat Solar Thermal Panels

 Key benefits of installing Solar Thermal Panels

  • Free hot water – In the summer 90% of your hot water requirements, dropping to around 25% in the winter.
  • Reduced energy bills – Sunlight is free, so your hot water costs will be reduced dramatically.
  • Lower carbon footprint – Solar thermal is a renewable heating system and will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

For more information on the many advantages of owning your own solar thermal panels, see our Benefits page.

Solar panel installations

Solar hot water collectors are typically placed on a South facing roof, or somewhere between East to West (but not North facing). You will need around five square meters that receive direct sunlight for the main part of the day.

The panels don’t have to be mounted on a roof. They can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof, hung from a wall or mounted on the ground.

Conventional boilers and hot water cylinder systems are often compatible with solar water heating. However, if you have a combi boiler, this will mean a solar hot water cylinder must be added to the system, so you’ll need to consider where this might be located.

Solwat Solar Thermal

How does solar thermal work?

A solar thermal system uses the energy from the sun to heat up water to use in the home.

The way a solar thermal panel works is quite simple: it absorbs the heat from the sun with panels and transfers the heat to your hot water system.

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